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The Anachronism Game

This game actually pre-dates the invention of sliced bread!

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Welcome to the Anachronism Game!

Here's how this thing works. Once a day (hopefully), someone will post an anachronistic statement-- e.g., "The Bowie knife was named after rock star David Bowie." That is then the topic of the day's game. Other members of the community will comment on the post with additional "historical" facts or background information-- e.g., "He used the knife to cut fabric for his dazzling Ziggy Stardust costumes." The idea is sort of to build on one another's comments and create something like an Uncyclopedia article.

Comments may be as long or short as you like, but each day's topic post should be one sentence, or two at the most, comprising a single "fact." Remember that the idea is to come up with anachronisms in particular. I tend to feel that anachronisms are funnier when they are somewhat plausible, but that does not mean they can't be very silly.

Very offensive posts/comments will be deleted at my discretion. However, mildly offensive posts/comments are not discouraged.

Lastly, there should be no more than one topic post per day. That means if you have a great idea but someone has already posted today, come back tomorrow. Of course, comments may be posted to older topics anytime! Oh, if you post a comment that's not an expansion of the article (like something personal), please put an OT in the subject.

Please post topic statements! Don't wait for other people to do it! Be silly! Have fun! Look up the word anachronism if you don't know what it means!